The insured loan is a credible loan

Its provider, Good Finance, has been on the market for 24 years and has provided consumer loans for several tens of billions of crowns. The loan can easily arrange insurance, but it is not a condition. How can I get an Insured Loan? And under what conditions?

Those interested in the Insured loan do not have to go anywhere, they can conveniently arrange everything from the comfort of their home. On the website, Good Credit candidates first, choose the required parameters and then fill out the contact form.

In return, the applicant will be contacted by Good Finance, who will verify the correctness of the entered data and arrange further steps with him. The approval process follows, if successful, the money is usually paid within 24 hours.

Basic loan parameters


The insured loan provides a sum of USD 5,000 to 166,000 with a maturity of 12 to 60 months. Such high amounts are not customary for non-bank loans, although there are exceptions. In addition to the insured loans offer high loans.

It is a purpose consumer loan, the money can be used for anything – holidays, Christmas gifts for moms, dads and other family members, unforeseen expenses in repairing broken appliances, etc.. It is absolutely necessary to keep in mind that even a small loan can incur large debts. The necessity of the loan must be assessed responsibly by each applicant.

Every loan, even if it is only a few thousand, must be considered by every person. Payments must fit easily into your personal or family budget.

What are the requirements of the Insured loan for applicants?

  • age 18 to 69, a co-applicant is required for an elderly person
  • permanent residence in the Czech Republic
  • permanent income
  • own a bank account

The application shall be accompanied by an identity card, proof of receipt and proof of residence. The amount of income is evidenced by confirmation from the employer, payslips or account statements. The Insured Loan can be arranged at this link.

Price Insured loans

Price Insured loans

It is not easy to find out the conditions under which a person will obtain the Insured Loan. There is no specific interest and APR on the website. There is no other quite common online calculator.

The candidate has only a representative example, from which he can take a picture of the advantage or disadvantage of the loan.

Loan in the total amount of USD 45,000, the maturity of 36 months, installment of USD 2,829, the total amount of USD 101,844, the fixed interest rate of 63.73% and APR is 86.07%.

Good Finance allows you to defer up to three installments free of charge. However, the reasons for postponement are specified in detail. Basically, these are situations where the applicant or a person close to him / her living in the same household gets into financial problems – for example, is incapable of working or has been terminated.

Insurance options

Insurance options

The applicant can arrange insurance with the loan. They choose from three packages that differ in coverage and, of course, the price of this insurance.

It follows from the above overview that they will pay at least 3.33% of the monthly installment and a maximum of 13.95% for insurance. Payment of insurance premiums will become part of the monthly installment and there is no need to send two amounts.

It should be added that the insurance does not impose any claims for confirmation of health condition. A medical examination is not necessary to arrange insurance.

Client portal Insured loans and contacts

Client portal Insured loans and contacts

Every client gets free access to the client portal. Fill in only the birth number and password, which each receives by SMS to the number specified in the contract or application. What does one gain in the client portal?

  • easy and quick access to contracts and applications
  • regular listings
  • current offers of new products
  • messages and alerts

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