Can you borrow money without permanent employment?

The situation on the labor market is not optimistic, especially when it comes to finding permanent employment for young people. Lack of professional experience and demographic factors adversely affect their situation. People over 50 years old or those who are just before retirement age also have a lot of difficulty finding a permanent job. Lack of regular income resulting from the employment contract makes it impossible to take a loan from the bank. An income-free loan can be the only form of help in a difficult financial situation. How to use it?


What is a loan without income certificates?

What is a loan without income certificates?

The non-banking services sector is distinguished by the fact that it offers loans to everyone, regardless of age, material status or employment status. A loan without income at the bank is practically impossible, as each application should be accompanied by a certificate of earnings . This excludes from the group of clients the unemployed, but maintaining themselves from other sources or not employed under a permanent employment contract. Although the situation on the labor market is constantly changing, almost half of the working-age Poles have no permanent contract.

People who are professionally active but do not have a permanent employment contract, have no chance of a loan at the bank. Instant income without pay is granted irrespective of whether the client works on a part-time basis, under a civil law contract or is supported by other sources . Thanks to this, such offers can be used by retirees, pensioners and even young people living on a mandate or specific task contract.


Payday loans for 18 years without income

Payday loans for 18 years without income

Young people who are just entering adulthood do not yet have a stable financial situation or a favorable credit history. This group also includes students who often make a living from weekend work or tutoring. However, such classes are occasional work, so it is not possible to provide the bank with a certificate from the employer. However, there is a student loan without income , which is granted on the basis of other sources of income. These can be the aforementioned tutoring, student loan, as well as maintenance payments that regularly top up his account.


Instantaneous income without unemployment

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People aged 50+ have a lot of problems finding permanent employment. The sudden loss of a permanent job significantly reduces the quality of life, and employers are reluctant to employ people in pre-retirement age. This group of clients particularly often applies for loans to stabilize their financial situation. Many of them make a living from other sources that bring high profits. It can be your own business, rental of real estate or black work. According to the KRD, the majority of people aged 50+ earn a retirement pension, which is not a confirmation of creditworthiness for banks.

A loan without income certificates is granted regardless of age or employment status. For a non-bank company, all sources of income count , including those derived from social benefits or other forms of assistance.


What requirements do you have to meet to get a loan?

What requirements do you have to meet to get a loan?

All you need to take a payday loan is an ID. You do not need to complete submitted documentation and provide certificates from your employer . The whole procedure is based on the correct completion of the request for payday pay. A loan for proof without income can be granted:

  • Online – submission of the application, identity verification and cash withdrawal is done online. When choosing this method, you must have a personal bank account to perform a verification transfer or confirm your identity using the Kontomatik service.

  • By phone – people who once again apply for a loan can use the phone option. Just call the consultant, provide your details and expectations for the loan, and the representative will adjust the financial product as needed.

  • By SMS – thanks to the GIRO check service, the payday service can be picked up in person at the post office. You do not need to have your own bank account or verify your identity via electronic banking.

The loan without proof of income is granted on simplified terms , which significantly reduces the time between submitting the application and receiving the money. Its repayment is also simple, because you do not have to remember to pay the installments regularly, just make a one-time return of the entire debt.


Quick loans without certificates – who can they help?

Quick loans without certificates - who can they help?

In addition to economic issues and improving your financial condition, payday loans can help build a positive credit history . Timely repaid loan without income via the Internet will be included in the BIK database, which will facilitate the use of financial products in the future. Especially young people should take care of this issue, because it will be easier for them to get a mortgage at a bank or use other banking services on more favorable terms. Although there are payday loans on the market for 18 years with no income, most such loans are only available from the age of 20. The offer is willingly used by students, but a large group of clients are also pensioners who had problems obtaining a loan in a bank.


Instant income without income – what to remember?

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Easy access and minimal requirements for clients mean that more and more people use loans. No wonder, because these products are quite a competition for traditional bank loans. When submitting an application for payday income without income, you should first analyze your financial capabilities so as not to fall into a spiral of debt. The loan can be taken even for a small amount, so adjust its parameters to your needs, so that the repayment does not drastically strain your home budget.

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